Joshua Tucker journalist and filmmaker

Video Storytelling with Clients

Let’s Tell Your Story

Video is now the primary means of connecting with and motivating audiences. I work side by side with clients to tell their stories and relate their passions to specific audiences. From concept development to social media placement, I take care of the clients I accept. I have built on my more than a decade of experience producing films and videos, including shooting over 100 hours of published footage for Cornell University, to give clients what they need. I only make paid films that present no conflict of interest with my journalism. Feel free to ask me for a quote.

Pippen Hedge

Helping my brother’s family apply for a grant to grow their permaculture homestead, I related their passions for caring for their land and each other.

Why I Chose TeachingChile

TeachingChile wanted to reach young people a continent away. I helped them connect with the power of their participants own personal stories, capturing their adventures in action.

Ñuke Mapu

Patagonian family farm Ñuke Mapu wanted to court local restaurant and supermarket vegetable buyers with a social media campaign comprised of six videos, each between 15 and 25 seconds long.