Joshua Tucker journalist filmmaker
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News Video

Producing News Videos on a Deadline

With more than a decade of experience as a news photographer, I’ve honed my production skill sets to deliver compelling time-sensitive international news stories edited for broadcast and as viral news videos online. I encourage you to contact me to discuss commissioning video news reports and licensing my footage, as Discovery Channel’s Seeker - among others - have done.

Since 2015, I’ve lived in Chile - completing my latest documentary Veins of Resistance, while reporting principally on Chilean social movements for U.S. media outlets. For example, when two young activists were shot and killed, I licensed footage to Democracy Now!, which they broadcasted less then ten hours after I filmed it.

As a Unicorn Riot correspondent, I produced several news videos that were each widely viewed on their social media channels, one over 150,000 times. If you’re unfamiliar with Unicorn Riot, I’d suggest perusing this profile of the news organization from Mother Jones.

Over years of collaborating with Unicorn Riot, I added to my extensive experience participating in live streaming news shows with live audiences of over ten thousand. I’m happy to help your news organization to craft new live streaming programming and go live.

Filming interviews with newsmakers on deadline is another aspect of news photography that I‘m experienced in. For example, on video I’ve recorded unscheduled interviews with four U.S. senators, as well as an Alaskan governor, a Lt. governor and the state’s congressperson.

I’ve also published news videos for the Alaska Public Radio Network, for whom I was credentialed to cover the Iditarod. Additionally, I published timely coverage of the COP16, the 2010 UN climate change conference in Cancun, with The Real News. As a journalism student, I specialized in news video. I was the multimedia editor for the University of Alaska Anchorage’s student newspaper, The Northern Light, as well as writing dozens of articles for the paper.

At the University of Alaska Anchorage, I was fortunate to study under the Emmy Award winning Professor Scott Jensen, a two-time winner of the National Press Photographers Association's National Ernie Crisp Television News Photographer of the Year award.