Joshua Tucker journalist and filmmaker
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Veins of Resistance

Veins of Resistance: Official Trailer

Veins of Resistance opens windows to learning through experience and empathy. What happens when students in over 200 high schools vote to occupy their own schools and use them as protest camps for the whole semester to demand free quality education? How does it feel to take back your families' Indigenous territory from a multinational company? What does it mean to be a working mother of four while serving as the volunteer treasurer for a committee made up of 104 families in an urban land occupation, seeking to help each other save the money to move from their hand built shanty towns into public housing together?

Our feature film weaves narratives of occupations for education, land and housing, through the weft of Chile’s inter-generational traumas of a CIA-backed coup, Indigenous genocides and forced migrations. Profiling courageous activists making change with diverse practices, from traditional ceremonies and urban gardens to labor strikes and late night barricades, we aim to evoke intercultural learning experiences. Veins of Resistance will soon announce its world premiere date.