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I’m sharing a bit about myself and my work to help us get to know each other and find ways to work together. E-mail me a quick note and I’ll get back to you right away. Meanwhile, I built this site so you can dive into assessing my more than ten years of experience as a journalist, filmmaker and educator, right away.

Keeping an eye on the horizon helps me contextualize breaking news with salient historical details and a diversity of relevant perspectives.

Keeping an eye on the horizon helps me contextualize breaking news with salient historical details and a diversity of relevant perspectives.


After growing up on a family sheep, cattle, and bison ranch in Oregon, I began traveling and working internationally at age sixteen. Volunteer positions began with my first stint in health work in Paraguay, followed by three internships in India in 2002, including work with the Associated Press in Srinagar, the Ladakh Ecological Development Group in Leh, and environmental filmmaker Siddarth Kakh in Mumbai. During college, I volunteered for three months in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina, where I found my drive to help audiences empathize and learn through documentary storytelling. Since then, I have made seven trips to Latin America and three trips to West Africa.

In addition to learning documentary and investigative journalism in the international arena, I have worked as a political organizer. For the first time, as the youngest paid staffer on Governor Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. I  synthesized experiences and abilities as I worked on five different campaigns, for two PACs and as a consultant with a D.C. firm. My decade of growing political leadership culminated when I ran a candidate’s campaign for state representative in 2010. I had previously co-managed a successful fifty thousand signature ballot access drive.

Later, I worked as a public radio, multimedia and print journalist in Alaska, with the Alaska Public Radio Network, the Anchorage Press, National Native News and the Mudflats. I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Public Communication in 2011, joining and training with the professional organization Investigative Reporters and Editors.  After taking my award-winning documentary, We Can’t Eat Gold, on tour to film festivals; I moved to Santiago, Chile in 2015 to continue filming documentaries and practicing journalism, while also teaching English as a second language to policymakers, professionals and in semester-long university courses.

I’ve lived in Chile for over 4 years, publishing with Discovery Channel’s Seeker, Free Speech Radio News, Democracy Now!, Intercontinental Cry and Unicorn Riot. My new Chilean feature-length documentary, Veins of Resistance, will have its word premiere shortly.